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Livejournal has changed its Terms of Service as their servers shifted over to Russia. And you KNOW how Russian laws are with "gay propaganda". >< Therefore to be completely safe, Tea Time Fics are now shifted over to Dreamwidth! :D Do enjoy your stay here. If there's anything, and I mean ANYTHING you'd like to talk to me about (from story ideas to random questions on writing to real life to anything under the sun) , feel free to PM me. I don't bite. ;D

My works are accessible by members only, but membership is open and so joining is just a few clicks away- just click the "Join Community" link up there and you're in! ^^

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Now, as for the community guidelines... It's just two simple rules, really.

1. Acknowledge that these fics belong to me.

I wrote these fics purely because of my interest in fiction and fanfiction writing, so I would appreciate if nobody goes around stealing my works. I have seen cases of plagiarising fanfictions and er.. yeah. I'm uncomfortable with that. So if anyone sees any works that are close enough to be considered as plagiarism, PLEASE contact me. XD


Look, someone is digging in already. V V V

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Title: It Was Always You
Pairing: Sakumiya (main), Ohmiya, Sakuraiba
Rating: PG
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari attempts to confess his feelings to college senior Ohno Satoshi in a letter. However, in a twist of events, the letter did not end up with Ohno, but his roommate Sakurai Sho, who happened to have unrequited feelings for Nino's roommate, Aiba Masaki. The pair finally decide to form an alliance of mutual interests, only to learn that it takes them in a completely different direction...
Notes: For MONTHS now I have been asked/requested/kindly reminded on LINE to write a fic inspired by Toradora!. While I have absolutely no idea what exactly happened in the anime ( no interest in anything apart from horror and mystery, really), having something that started from a letter going to the wrong person was an interesting starting point. And while I had planned it to be a one-shot, stuff happened as I wrote and wrote and wrote and... well, it expanded beyond 10k words in total and it's not even finished XD So... it's now an official series. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 )
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Title: Matching in Muji
Pairing: Sakumiya
Word Count: 766 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Sho and Nino were sharing a sweet afternoon together while shopping when they came across their names in MUJI.
A/N: I saw this picture on Facebook about this MUJI outlet in Japan pushing forward Nino and Sho's famous headbands and I briefly wondered "hey... what would actually happen if they saw that? XD" and that was how this fic came about. Enjoy!

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